Monday, 2 May 2011

My weekend..

Haven't blogged in donks, so im going to do an extremely long one, so thought i'de write about my long weekend:), thursday night was immense, went to heaven with Georgie and Hollie with loads of other people, got drunk, anyway ended up being chased through ruswarp and whitby by police, it was like something of a film, there was about 30 of us running arcoss a field with police cars after us, I got stuck on barbed wire and cut myself all over and ripped my favourite blouse :'(, even though the night went tits up, it was still amazing, i worked fri, sat and sunday, and today i met georgie again, we thought it would be fun to go through the route we went on on thursday night, and we went down to heaven and found about 1000 cans and bottles, a cut down tree and aload of other shite, we then bumped into this man and he started showing us his pictures he'd took of flowers and trees, he seemed normal but then he started saying things like 'whenever i see a tree i see faces init and when it moves i no its trying to talk to me, 'i just want to jump in the flowers and roll around in them, but when i do that people shout at me', 'i dont like the expression you look sheepy, its such an insult to sheep', i want to move in with the flowers', i want to be a fairy and fly away and live with the flowers', i want to be a butterfly and spread my wings' and he was saying more, and we just thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS, he was good looking to, was gutted when we found out he was tapped, he also said he has to have counselling because he wants to be a fairy and keeps trying to spread his wings hahahahhahaha, we then went to the barbed wire where i got stuck on on thursday night and found loads of my hair init, and parts of our clothes, dont no what the fuck i was doing on that babred wire :|, then we got lost, we went in the woods and found this abandoned house, it looked like the house of the wrong turn, it was all black and it had dolls and pot rabbits and stuff in the garden, then as we got up more and more things appeared in the garden of the house, we found tires and there was about 7 black cats lined up looking at us :| i honestly thought we were going to get attacked by hill billies, anyway, im blabbed on abit, but yeah this weekend has been fun, s'laterrrrrrrr <3

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