Monday, 30 May 2011

CBA to do the letter thing, cant write letters to save my life fuck knows why i posted instead im gonna TRY and do that confession thing, instead of doing it all at once im gonna do some one day and some the next cause ill run out of goeeeeees:
1.Im chloe hannan.
2.Live in sleights 16 in 4 days
4.i love shopping
5.i drink to much
6.i have to have the tele volume on a 5 number (5,10,15 etc..)
7.i eat around the outside of EVERYTHING, even things like round biscuits
7.when you first talk to me im really shy
8.i have very little confidence easily scared
10.i want to be either a photographer or physiologist, or work in a care home
11.i want to go travelling soon all around the world
12.i want a long lasting relationship a virgin
14.i have red hair
15.i dress wierdly
16.i love ben and jerries ice cream
17.the longest relationship ive had was no longer than like 6 months
18. i have memory like a fish
19.i love art
20.i love horrors
21.i crack my knuckles allllllllllllll the time, literally!
22.I used to think money actually grew on trees currently shaking :s a insomniac
25.i used to tell everyone i was called sophie, cause i like that nameut biggest fears are clowns, dolls and the thought of drowning
27.i cant sleep in complete darkness
28.i cant sit still for longer than 5 minutes, im like a child
29.i still watch disney channel and nickolodeon
30.i wear glasses
31.I have a thing for irish accents
cant think of any more, they are rather boring and no one will even read them but im really bored so though i might as well:)

Saturday, 28 May 2011

This is just silly now.

Its me again, me, myself and I :') 2nd blog tonight, cause i'm that bored!, cant believe its 10 past 4! starting to get light outside! come to the conclusion of 4 hours of trying to get to sleep that I aren't so just going to sit on here all night, think i'de be tired after a 12 hour shift! ahwell, made £80 today and tonight, plus side from working all day and night..ohmygod i didnt think it was possible to be this bored..wish i had a parrot to talk to, would save talking to myself..i really want some ben and jerries ice cream, that would make my night much better, nomnommm..................dont even no what im talking about now..might watch green mile for the second time tonight, he is so cute init! i feel quite ill for some reason, such a loser, this blog is literally just me talking to myself, quite funny if you think about it :L immah gonna stop writing now, save myself from more embarrassment. byeeeeeeeeeee xxx

Bordem blog..

Ok so its half 2 in the morning and i'm still awake..suprise suprise!, haven't blogged in a while so thought i would, thought i'de write a few things about me, not that anyone will read it, im just dying of bordem lol..just left school, releaved to get out of that shit hole but going to miss everyone so much, especially Alice & Kay because they are moving :'(! I'm sick of being single..I want a long lasting relationship, one that actually means something..I'm kinda skint and in debt..I need money for my flat im planning on buying when I reach 16 in like a week and 4 days!eeeeek, and for my sixth form stuff, camera etc etc..and I owe loadssssssa money out! best get working!, I have the most amazing best friends, they are all the most amazing people I've come across!, my memory seems to be getting worse, its actually quite worrying, I keep asking people the same question about 6 times in the space of like an hour..I haven't been drunk in a while, going to have to change that soon! I desperately want to see The Hangover 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4! they both look so good, i'm currently happy but extremely worried!, im going to get my nose pierced in a couple of weeks when I man up to doing it, I love pitbull and neyo's new song-give me everything, its so catchy!, the sadest film I have ever watched is Green Mile, its the most amazing film ever but god do I cry, lips go and everything!, I keep changing my mind about what I want to do when i'm older, wish I was a genius so I could be whatever I want!, I LOVE Bon Iver, his voice is so beautiful. I really want to do Art+Design, Physchology and English Lit, but might not be allowed to do them all :/ Eeeeeee think thats enough for one night, anyone who suffers from insomnia read this, will put you to sleep straight away, I dont half babble when I'm bored, i'm off again look! <3 <3

Monday, 2 May 2011

My weekend..

Haven't blogged in donks, so im going to do an extremely long one, so thought i'de write about my long weekend:), thursday night was immense, went to heaven with Georgie and Hollie with loads of other people, got drunk, anyway ended up being chased through ruswarp and whitby by police, it was like something of a film, there was about 30 of us running arcoss a field with police cars after us, I got stuck on barbed wire and cut myself all over and ripped my favourite blouse :'(, even though the night went tits up, it was still amazing, i worked fri, sat and sunday, and today i met georgie again, we thought it would be fun to go through the route we went on on thursday night, and we went down to heaven and found about 1000 cans and bottles, a cut down tree and aload of other shite, we then bumped into this man and he started showing us his pictures he'd took of flowers and trees, he seemed normal but then he started saying things like 'whenever i see a tree i see faces init and when it moves i no its trying to talk to me, 'i just want to jump in the flowers and roll around in them, but when i do that people shout at me', 'i dont like the expression you look sheepy, its such an insult to sheep', i want to move in with the flowers', i want to be a fairy and fly away and live with the flowers', i want to be a butterfly and spread my wings' and he was saying more, and we just thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS, he was good looking to, was gutted when we found out he was tapped, he also said he has to have counselling because he wants to be a fairy and keeps trying to spread his wings hahahahhahaha, we then went to the barbed wire where i got stuck on on thursday night and found loads of my hair init, and parts of our clothes, dont no what the fuck i was doing on that babred wire :|, then we got lost, we went in the woods and found this abandoned house, it looked like the house of the wrong turn, it was all black and it had dolls and pot rabbits and stuff in the garden, then as we got up more and more things appeared in the garden of the house, we found tires and there was about 7 black cats lined up looking at us :| i honestly thought we were going to get attacked by hill billies, anyway, im blabbed on abit, but yeah this weekend has been fun, s'laterrrrrrrr <3

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