Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bordem blog..

Ok so its half 2 in the morning and i'm still awake..suprise suprise!, haven't blogged in a while so thought i would, thought i'de write a few things about me, not that anyone will read it, im just dying of bordem lol..just left school, releaved to get out of that shit hole but going to miss everyone so much, especially Alice & Kay because they are moving :'(! I'm sick of being single..I want a long lasting relationship, one that actually means something..I'm kinda skint and in debt..I need money for my flat im planning on buying when I reach 16 in like a week and 4 days!eeeeek, and for my sixth form stuff, camera etc etc..and I owe loadssssssa money out! best get working!, I have the most amazing best friends, they are all the most amazing people I've come across!, my memory seems to be getting worse, its actually quite worrying, I keep asking people the same question about 6 times in the space of like an hour..I haven't been drunk in a while, going to have to change that soon! I desperately want to see The Hangover 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4! they both look so good, i'm currently happy but extremely worried!, im going to get my nose pierced in a couple of weeks when I man up to doing it, I love pitbull and neyo's new song-give me everything, its so catchy!, the sadest film I have ever watched is Green Mile, its the most amazing film ever but god do I cry, lips go and everything!, I keep changing my mind about what I want to do when i'm older, wish I was a genius so I could be whatever I want!, I LOVE Bon Iver, his voice is so beautiful. I really want to do Art+Design, Physchology and English Lit, but might not be allowed to do them all :/ Eeeeeee think thats enough for one night, anyone who suffers from insomnia read this, will put you to sleep straight away, I dont half babble when I'm bored, i'm off again look! <3 <3

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