Thursday, 14 April 2011


Havent blogged in agesssss, i just like reading other peoples than doing my own tbh but felt like writing about my best friend Becca Turner, shes actually amazing and I couldnt live without her, I dont see her as much as i used to because we both do separate things but we have a right good catchup when we do!, she was ment to be at her boyfriends last night, but i was in need of a friend so she came home so i could stay at hers, looked after me and then text me today to check i was okay, what a good friend? and her mum was lovely to me to, and to top things of her rabbit had babys in the night! they were absolutely adorable, there was only 2 but they were so small and cute and had massive ears :'), but yes thank you for being there Becca Turner, you issst amazing!

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