Saturday, 28 May 2011

This is just silly now.

Its me again, me, myself and I :') 2nd blog tonight, cause i'm that bored!, cant believe its 10 past 4! starting to get light outside! come to the conclusion of 4 hours of trying to get to sleep that I aren't so just going to sit on here all night, think i'de be tired after a 12 hour shift! ahwell, made £80 today and tonight, plus side from working all day and night..ohmygod i didnt think it was possible to be this bored..wish i had a parrot to talk to, would save talking to myself..i really want some ben and jerries ice cream, that would make my night much better, nomnommm..................dont even no what im talking about now..might watch green mile for the second time tonight, he is so cute init! i feel quite ill for some reason, such a loser, this blog is literally just me talking to myself, quite funny if you think about it :L immah gonna stop writing now, save myself from more embarrassment. byeeeeeeeeeee xxx

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